The Pretty Pink House

Friends who returned to the States to give birth to a fourth daughter have opened their home for Terrill’s to stay.  Weather was perfect, but with open windows, the noises from the houses next door were loud and clear.  While in the bathroom, you could hear clearly the conversation of the women in the neighbor’s kitchen…never mind the house walls and the property wall between.  Late at night the noise of a baby crying, dogs’ miserable  yelping/barking/howling, and the clamor of people made me grateful for my sleeping pill!

Even the lovely house has some imperfect stairs -but who cares!  The different depths of the steps from each other and from side to side made each climb interesting!  Mercy and Lemu doing what they do most every day.  The water bottles go with them everywhere.

Terrill took me on a Mother/Son “date”.  We had treacherous travel as usual,

but an UNusual thing happened as we were inching along.  A man came up to my open window with saliva pooled on the sides of his mouth and looked very much like he was going to spit on me, but  he threw a piece of trash into the car instead .  Then he  walked to the front of the vehicle , turned his back to us, dropped his trousers and “mooned” us!   He was mentally disturbed and  it didn’t seem to be an act of hostility but it was a surprise!  The breakfast at the Holy Crepe was very lovely!  Mango juice for me and some fancy drink for Terrill.  Unfortunately the lady’s head  is caught on photo in what looks very much like a growth on Terrill’s neck.

Mercy and Lemu loved putting leggings on their heads and pretending they had long hair.

We are about to board one of the red motor boats for a half hour ride.  The waves were a bit choppy , the breeze was cool, and it was the perfect time for an exciting ride!

Amber always came up with something good to eat!  Terrill playing with the girls.

It was soon time to leave, and I was sad to leave without a definite exit date for Terrills.  It was not like a goodbye though, since we hope to see them soon again!210




Grandma heads to Kampala

Will I make it?

About a week before my flight, Amber thought about the updated rules on getting visas to enter Uganda-and application online to the Ugandan Embassy in Washington . .we had always paid the $50 at the airport .  I set to work on it immediately and discovered I had to send my passport along with a hard copy of my application.  I went to the post office with the passport on Tuesday, paid and additional $30 for expedition as I “over night-ed” it.  I called them on Thursday, and was told they didn’t have my name in the computer.  The nice lady said she’d check with the consular and get back with me.  She didn’t get back with me, and on Friday, I tried repeatedly to get through to the embassy–anyone at the embassy, and none was “available”.  So I waited, knowing that I could very well lose my non refundable flight.  However, on Saturday it was in our mailbox–and I wasn’t even looking for it till MOnday.  Needless worry.

When Arlin took me to the New Orleans airport, I was told that I would have to pick up my two pieces of checked luggage at the Dubai airport .  Since I could not pull three pieces of luggage at the same time and had a distance to walk in the Dubai airport, had to ride a shuttle to the hotel for a 20 hour layover, I rushed back out to Arlin and emptied my wheeled carry on suitcase for the big brown leather bag to carry.  I had my Bible, notebooks, and another book along and it turned out to be a burden.  When I got to the New York airport, I was told that with a few taps on the computer, I shouldn’t have to see my luggage again until Entebbe!

I had three seats to myself for the 13+ hours from New York to Dubai.  I got about four hours of sleep.  At the motel in Dubai, my stomach was not feeling very good, so I went down to the lobby and saw some Activa drinkable yoghurt.  Since it was written in Arabic, I couldn’t see what flavor it was..the bottles were opaque.  To my dismay, it was not flavored and it tasted a bit like buttermilk or sour milk-a whole pint-the only drinkable yoghurt I’ve ever had trouble finishing!  I was “eating” bismuth tabs and probiotics !

I woke up at 5:30 and took the shuttle ride to the airport where I also got a meal voucher for an egg sandwich and coffee.

On the flight to Entebbe, I also had two seats at the back of the plane for the 5 + hours .  I flew 23 hours and had no “seatmate”!

Terrill and Amber’s home and surrounding view

Morning devotions–the men went out on a rock overlooking fabulous landscape and also watched birds. Mary Jane and I stayed in the guestroom/house.

Arlin and I slept here in this pavillion of sorts. It was cold and windy but we had a wool blanket!
Theguest room where Calving and Mary Jane slept.

Working on the sittingroom.

Terrill and Amber’s home

Heading home (Timu)

Not home till we’re home. Can we make it??


This beats cornflakes any day!!


Calvin and Arlin having a greasy (yum) chapati and some milk tea for bkft in Kaabong.

Mbale to Kaabong

Mary Jane and I on “the rock” in Kaabong. We came, saw, and climbed up.

The truck was so good-we’d have thrown it a treat if it had been a dog!

We arrived at the Baptist Mission houses at about 9 o’clock at night–too tired to eat, really. Had a hot bucket bath and crashed.

We knew the rains had come!! Mary Jane and I had to have a pit stop and we shlucked our way to the nearest bush–only to have black ,gooey ,sticky, refuse to come offy mud on our sandals. I’m not sure how Calvin got Mary Jane’s mud off, but Arlin used his hands on my sandals.

Mbale-the men are at a hardware store buying things for Calvin’s brain child.

baskets for catching fish

Fixing to rain